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Warbasse Design Celebrates 17 years

Digital design agency launches new site, new services.

Feb 23, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA -- Warbasse Design is pleased to announce its seventeenth year in business with a new website featuring new services to celebrate this milestone. Known for their ground-breaking work in the advertising and entertainment industries, Warbasse Design now offers a broad range of security tools including HIPAA compliant hosting and email services for the Legal, Finance and Healthcare industries.

This year, Warbasse Design is also placing an emphasis on services for small businesses who seek state-of-art Web development and support in areas such as social media, hosting and App creation. Warbasse Design will unveil its own marketing campaign this Winter to include social media and grassroots campaigns aimed at this market.

Warbasse Design in Los Angeles, CA provides adaptive / responsive Web design

"It is amazing to look back on the journey that Warbasse Design has traveled and to see the fruits of our labor. I have been lucky to work with a lot of great designers over the years and I am looking forward to seeing where the next seventeen years takes us."

~ Philip Warbasse / CEO Warbasse Design

Warbasse Design markets its services to those seeking something between DIY website builders and expensive design agencies who sometimes tend to overthink the design process while overspending the clients' budget. Warbasse Design provides a streamlined approach that enables fast turnaround at an affordable rate. While the services at Warbasse Design have changed - their ethos remains the same - to help each client become better known and better understood.


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Warbasse Design featured on KTLA's Tech Report with Rich DeMuro

Art Director/Warbasse Design, Philip Warbasse, talks about QR Codes with Rich DeMuro of KTLA's Tech Report and shows examples of designer codes for TV news story. Click on the image to start the video.

Philip Warbasse interviewed for NPR's Marketplace

Warbasse Design and client Paula McMath are featured on NPR's Marketplace this week in a piece titled "QR codes bridge real life with cyberspace" by Alex Schmidt. Click on the link for the story. Note: audio starts at 4 minutes/ 28 seconds.

Warbasse Design featured in New York Times piece

Warbasse Design's use of QR Codes on television to promote the third Season of HBO's TRUE BLOOD gets noticed. Click on the link for the story.